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Aquafeed seafood processing system An My Seafood Import – Export Joint Stock Company



Aquafeed seafood processing system An My Seafood Import – Export Joint Stock Company

Investor: An My Seafood Import – Export Joint Stock Company
Location: Phu Hoa town, Thoai Son district, An Giang province
Capacity: 600m3 / day. Night

Type of waste water: Trash fillet wastewater
Process: Ditch, Garbage -> Gather -> Air Conditioning -> Pressure Booster -> Aerotank -> Vacuum -> Pressure Filters -> Disinfection -> Receiving Power

Preliminary Remarks:

  • Garbage: Recover meat, head, fish bone in the waste stream
  • Collectors: Collect all wastewater on the conveying ditch to the treatment system.
  • Regulators: Stability, concentration, pH. Pretreatment to avoid anaerobic odor.
  • Pressure tank: Separation of fat in wastewater in two forms of “suspension and suspended particles” by DAF compressed air method to float suspended particles to create surface fat dirt. Recovery of surface grease by grease separators reduces the concentration of pollutants that are sufficient for the biological treatment stage.
  • Aerotank: Use activated sludge suspended with specific microorganisms for aerobic decomposition. The air is boosted by a large-capacity gas blower through the diffuser systems at the bottom of the tank. Organic pollutants are used by the aerobic microorganisms as a source of food for their cell-making, mainly produced by CO2 and microbial biomass.
  • Sedimentation tank: activated sludge separator, water collection after biological treatment. Sludge generated a partial return on Aerotank, excess sludge to the sludge compacted.
  • Pressure filter: Ensures the transparency of water after treatment.
  • Disinfection tank: Exposure to chlorine to completely destroy Coliforms and other pathogens, water after treatment to meet the standards of environmental waste to the receiving source.

Post-processing standard: QCVN 11: 2008 Column A

Year completed: 2009