Why Google seek the insight of Thich Nhat Hanh

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Why is Google searching for the insights of Thich Nhat Hanh? Why many of the world’s largest technology groups, including Google, pay special attention to a 87-year-old Vietnamese Buddhist Zen master.

The answer is that all these corporations are eager to find out: how the teachings of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh – commonly called by hundreds of thousands of disciples around the world – Helping their organization to function more effectively and bring more happiness.

He was invited to lead a day of mindfulness practice at his headquarters

This is a sign that the practice of mindfulness is beginning to become commonplace in today’s society. He – author of more than 2 million books sold in the US – will have a meeting with more than 20 CEOs of US-based technology groups in Silicon Valley to share knowledge. The sense of Thay about the art of staying in the present.

At this meeting, he intends to discuss with CEOs of technology corporations how to get them a deep understanding of the nature of cohesion and interdependence. Between people and all species. With that knowledge, they can donate practical tools to make the practice of mindfulness an essential part of their day-to-day work, in the products they produce as well as in the strategy. They set the bar so that science and technology can bring change to the world. This meeting will end with the practice of walking meditation.

His efforts over the past 50 years have been recognized by many world leaders. World Bank Director Jim Yong Kim has said that his method of practice is “to enable us to deeply understand and love the suffering people.” He was also nominated by Pastor Martin Luther King for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1967 for his efforts in calling for peace and ending the war in Vietnam.

Pastor Luther King said that the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to Teacher Nhat Hanh “will once again make mankind wake up to the great lesson of beauty and love found in peace. It augments hope for a new, fair and harmonious order for this world. ”

Master Nhat Hanh has been ordained for 71 years. Despite his high age, he continued to travel widely throughout the world. He is currently on a three-month mission trip in North America with a rather heavy schedule. Before that, he had a trip to teach in Asia also in 3 months.

Thich Nhat Hanh’s monastic Sangha is considered the fastest growing sangha in the world. Tickets for one-week sessions conducted in Toronto, Canada or New York, Mississippi, and California – each with over 1,000 attendees – are sold out in just a few days.


Nhat Hanh warns that our civilization is in danger of collapsing from the serious social and ecological damage caused by the lust-seeking economy. He also points out to us a new direction: to build an economy of genuine happiness as a goal, instead of sacrificing our happiness to worship materialism as it has been for so long We still do

His teachings focus primarily on the practice of transforming suffering by letting go of past sorrows as well as worries about the future through meditation and mindfulness.

You pointed out that consumerism today is a sign that we are trying to fill our own misery. And we suggest that we go in the opposite direction, that is to return to direct contact with the suffering, pain in us to be able to overcome the suffering.

He said that in order for businesses to play an important role in stopping the runaway capital train, corporate leaders must first recognize their fundamental mistake, that is how Thinking narrowly, taking profits is the only measure of the success of a corporation.


Businesses need to undergo a fundamental transformation process of perception. They need to realize the importance of bringing spiritual values ​​into daily life.

In an interview with The Guardian at the end of last week’s retreat at Catskill Mountains on the art of transforming suffering, Thay said, “We need to rethink our perception of happiness. We think happiness is only when we win, when we get the top spot. However, the truth is not necessarily so. Because even if we make more money, we are still suffering as usual. We compete because we are not happy. Meditation can help us less suffering. ”

“Many of us think that we can only be happy when we are above others, when we become the number one. The truth is that we do not have to be” number one. “Can be happy.

“We need to have a spiritual direction in our lives as well as in our business, otherwise we will not be able to handle the suffering of work and daily life.”


Recalling the encounters with Pastor Luther King – these meetings have had a great influence on the decision to fight for peace and the end of the war in Vietnam by world-renowned civil rights activist Mr. Nhat Hanh said President Obama missed an important element in his speech last week, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the death of Rev. Martin Luther King, I have a dream “(I have a dream).

“When President Obama calls for let freedom ring, the president speaks only about freedom coming from outside as political freedom, social freedom, but the fact is that Even though we have a lot of freedom of organization, of speech, of journalism, etc. We can still suffer as we often do because we have no freedom within us, that is the freedom from anger and fear, “he shared.

One of Luther King’s heartfelt aspirations is to build happy communities, which he calls the Beloved Community. By the same token, Thich Nhat Hanh has devoted all his energy to the construction of more than a thousand lay Sangha around the world.

However, can business leaders make a more positive change by building a spirit of sangha, building corporate culture in their businesses?

Master Nhat Hanh says that the practice of mindfulness and meditation, if applied to businesses, will help them to change their way of life, to work in a negative way, and to help them recognize the nature of interdependence. News and interdependence between people and all species.

“Meditation can help the members of the business to lessen suffering,” he said. This alone is useful enough, because if an employee of a business is happy enough, the business will do more. ”

“In the event that your company is doing environmental damage, and because you have practiced meditation you can get a sense that this will help you figure out how to do it. Our company is in the direction of mitigating the damage to the environment.

“Meditation helps to alleviate the pain and suffering in us, while giving us more insight and a true view of ourselves and the world. And if we have the wisdom of a collective, then surely we will organize and run our business in the direction of making the world less miserable. ”

According to Thay, bringing mindfulness into the workplace, businesses also help employees avoid being overloaded by work, but to do this, business owners, Companies need to set a precedent.


Business leaders need to take care of themselves first.

He argues that many senior leaders of corporations have begun to address the importance of sustainable development, but few see the link between the sustainable development of a business. Industry with the inner culture of the business they are operating.

“If a business manager spends his or her full time on business, he or she will have no time to care for themselves or for their family. The manager needs to realize that his business will work better if he becomes calmer, cooler, more capable of sympathy and love, “he said.

Under the current conditions, when computers become too popular and handy with faster and faster processing times, enterprise managers are less likely to have their own time, time to look at themselves and Find inspiration for your life.


He shares the importance of objectivelessness, ie without waiting for results, no desire for action, no object to follow. Often we usually have the habit of running after one project to another, restlessly.

“We often assume that happiness is in the future, so the free practice is to stop, not to pursue another object and find happiness in the present moment, now and here” He said.

“True happiness can not be obtained without peace. If we chase after a certain object, then how can we have peace. I keep running, running forever, even in the dream we are still running. That is the reality of our civilization. ”

“We have to go against this trend. We must return to ourselves, return to our loved ones, return to nature. For long time we let the electronics pull us away from ourselves. We lose ourselves in the Internet, in projects, business plans, so that we do not have time for ourselves. We do not have time to care for the people we love and also do not let Mother Earth have the opportunity to treat us. We always tend to run away from ourselves, from our family and from nature around us. ”

Most business leaders are hard pressed to speak out the pressures they are suffering. Recently, however, some executives of famous corporations have the courage to share with the public the pressures of their work, similar to those of Master Nhat Hanh.

Saving a few months before his corporation went bankrupt, Erin Callan, the former CFO of Lehman Brothers, courageously rewritten his experiences when engaged fully and sharing. That to the public earlier this year.

“When I decided to leave work at the company, I felt very down and down,” Erin Callan told The New York Times. “I can not regain my strength and move on. I do not know where to rely on myself if I do not have a job. ”

“On weekends, if I did not have to do extra work for the company, I would spend some time recharging the energy for the next week. In general, for me at the time, work was always the # 1 priority, over family, friends and even marriage – my marriage lasted only a few years. ”


Although concerned about the negative effects of technology, Thay realized that the dual nature of technology, in addition to the negative effects, technology also has a very useful effect. That is why in the forthcoming meeting, I will call on CEOs of technology groups to focus on developing application software and other technological devices to help get people moving. About a balanced life.

“We need to be awake. When talking with Google and other technology groups, I would suggest that they use their wisdom and goodwill to create tools that can help people get back to themselves, To treat yourself, “he said. “We do not exclude or dispose of all these technological devices, but we can fully capitalize on the advances in technology.”

He suggests developing software applications that can help people calm their anger when it starts. You also mention the Now Watch watch designed by Master to help people get back to the present moment: on the watch face, each hour is marked with the word “Now”. Because the number of hours as usual.

Google has invited teachers to share such things as: setting goals in work, creativity and insight. You say that we can achieve these things through the practice of mindfulness.

He was invited to visit the Google Group in 2011 and since then, the practice of mindfulness has been applied rapidly in this leading technology group. The number of people participating in the “Search Inside Yourself” – Google’s official meditation program – is increasing. Meditation rooms have also been designed inside many of Google’s buildings.

He said: “Just like everyone, Google employees also want to learn how to transform one’s own suffering.”

“Most of the staff here are very young and talented, so they can understand and practice what he teaches so quickly. They also have the means to bring this practice to so many people. ”

“It would be very helpful if they knew that one of us also wished to do beautiful and good things, because each one of us was Buddha. When looking at the unwholesome path, not true, we can find in it a reverse path. Just like looking at suffering, we will see the path to happiness. This is the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism, but we do not have to be Buddhists to understand it.

“Our society needs a collective awakening that can save us from the current crisis. So we need to practice to make conscious energy in every step and breath. If we are aware, it means that we are on the path of happiness, and we can transform our suffering. And then we can help others do the same. ”

Teacher At Nghiem translations

(Translated from the article “Google seeks out wisdom of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh” by Jo Confino, published in The Guardian)

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